Formulating an idea or sentiment, articulating that message in a concise fashion and engaging the listener constitutes our highway system of language. When there’s a pile-up, everyone suffers and nobody gets anywhere. Consider my services an insurance policy against such a disaster.

In public relations, my experiences include working in-house, at a large global agency and as a freelance publicist. I have worked with 75+ clients — from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations — and relish the opportunity to clarify key messages. My PR skills, while mostly organic, are strengthened from my days as a journalist, a rabid media consumer and my days (nights, mostly) as a waitress. I specialize in making key introductions and orchestrating high-level events – factory openings, speaker panels, fundraisers and even bacchanalian celebrations.

In my current journalism life, I explore the human-animal relationship as the Contributing Editor for BlogHer, Animal & Wildlife Concerns. (“Everything from yer dog to yer dinner.”) Animals – including fish, insects, the cute and the non-cute – have taught me much about communication. Horses, especially.

More recently, I was promoted to BlogHer’s Section Editor, Life. With a reach of 21 million (mostly amazing female) bloggers, I consider it a high honor and a tasty challenge.

Other than my formal education (BA, Journalism) and my professional background, my travel experiences has rounded out my perspective on this world. At age 28, I bought a round-the-world ticket and set off for a year, to see what I could see and not a day goes by that I don’t draw from a lesson learned during that epic sojourn.

~Heather Clisby